Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Movie Reviews "Woodlawn" and "War Room"

This is a bit different from my normal tips, but recently I was able to attend special previews of both "Woodlawn", which comes out in October, and "War Room" which opens later this month.  And, in my opinion, both of these films could be life changing for the people in our churches.  Not just our churches, but our communities...our world.  Why?  Because both movies are about the power of prayer and how God can and will move, when His people pray. 

"War Room" is coming out very soon.  In fact, it opens on August 28th.  This is the newest movie from the Kendrick Brothers, who brought us "Courageous," "Fire Proof" and "Facing the Giants."  "War Room" is a fantastic look at how prayer can change not just one person, but that person's entire family and life.  It centers on a woman whose marriage is on the rocks and whose daughter is showing the signs of living in a rocky home life.  But then an elderly lady (a spunky and funny woman who is my personal favorite character in the film), takes that woman under her wing and teaches her how to "fight on her knees," and the woman's life is changed.  Changed beyond anything she could have hoped for.  It's not an easy transformation.  Life changes are rarely simple, but when allowed to do His work, this movie shows how God can take our torn up lives and make something beautiful out of it.  Check out the trailer below.

Last night, I was able to see "Woodlawn" and this movie is amazing.  I'm not a sports fan, but I love sports movies and I love true stories.  This movie is both, so from the outset I knew I would enjoy it, but it is so much more than I had hoped for.  This movie follows an African American High School Football player and his coach as God comes in and changes not only their lives, but the lives of their team, their school and even their town.  But it starts with a movement of God on nearly the entire football team.  It was written by people who lived the story and the families of those who lived it.  So, it is a story that is close to the heart of the filmmakers and they have done their best to make it an accurate depiction of what went on.  And what went on is simply amazing.  You really have to see it to fully understand. It opens on October 16th. I simply can not recommend this film highly enough! Here the trailer for "Woodlawn."

Why do I think these films could be life changing?  Because they both deal with prayer.  God moves in such amazing ways even in the release of these two films.  The first reminds us of HOW to pray and reminds us that we must start with our own families if we want to see change.  Then the second reminds us of the far reaching effects that prayer can have on our communities if we would just do it!  Our Country is in a mess in many ways, but our God is so much bigger that our mess.  My prayer is that people would see these films and be reminded that prayer is powerful and then go to their knees and fight for our families, our churches, our communities, and our country.  And then we can watch the work the Lord will do and marvel at His greatness. 

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