Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Picking Bible Stories...

First, let me apologize for not posting a blog last week.  I was at a Family Camp and the internet was pretty difficult to use.  Hopefully it won't be an issue again any time soon.  Now, on to this week's topic.

One of the things that I most often see in curriculum is that it uses the same few stories over and over.  Whether it is a Vacation Bible School, Sunday School Lessons, or Sunday Morning Curriculum, we often see the same stories.  Daniel and the Lion's Den, Moses and the burning bush or crossing the Red Sea, Abraham and Isaac, Noah and the Ark, Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, etc.  Now, there is nothing wrong with using these stories.  After all, they are popular for a reason.  But, if we are trying to reach our kids in new ways, then perhaps we need to expand our stories as well. After all, if those stories are super familiar to us, there are at least a few kids in your department who feel the same way. 

I love looking for the stories that are rarely told in Children's Church.  We did an entire series on the Judges and the kids loved it.  We turned our Children's Church into a court room and put the Biblical Judges of Othniel, Deborah, Ehud, Gideon, Jephthah, Abimelech, and Samson on trial.  We had a "defense attorney" and a "prosecutor" each week and the kids were the jury who, after hearing all the information, had to decide if the Judge of the Week was a good judge who followed God, or a bad judge who did what they wanted...or perhaps a bit of both.  It was a great way to get other people in the church involved and the kids had to think critically about the Scripture...not just take what they were hearing at face value. By, the way, I'd be glad to send this program to anyone who'd like it.  Just drop me a note.  I wrote it, so I can give it away.  :-)

As you read through the Scripture, look for stories that you find interesting and then bring those stories to your Children's Services.  Have you ever done a lesson from the perspective of Rebekah as she leaves to marry Isaac?  What about Lot?  We hear lots about Abraham, but Lot has an important lesson to teach us as well.  I recently used the story of Lot to convey how the people we surround ourselves with will affect our lives...even if we are not the ones making the poor choices.  There are some amazing stories in Scripture that are often not taught to kids, but easily could be.  Look for those stories because the kids enjoy hearing them and they have lots to teach us.  Don't be afraid to branch out from the "normal" kids' Bible stories.  It can really add a lot to your ministry.   I'd love to hear your ideas too so please let me know what you use as well.

Until next week...

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