Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday's Tips

Over the years, I have noticed that there are lots of people looking for ideas for their children's ministries, but do not have the time to do a lot of research.  I, on the other had, love to research new and fun things to do with children and since I am a paid staff member at my church, it is actually a part of my job that I do just that.  The other day, my Dad (who is a pastor of a church in West Virginia) said to me, "Why don't you do a blog every so often that just gives out tips for children's ministry?"  So, that is where this blog comes from.  If you like it, you can thank my Dad.  :-)

Each Tuesday, I will let you know of two or three things that I am loving or just thought was really cool for Children's Ministry.  If you come across something you think I should include, please feel free to tell me about it.  I love hearing cool ideas too.


If you work with children, you should really check out the Facebook Page "Children's Pastor's Only."  You will have to ask to be a part of this group, but it is an amazing place to get all kinds of advice and ideas from people who work with children all over the world!  Seriously...it's amazing.

Pinterest is another great place to find ideas.  You can simply search for whatever you are looking for and you will probably find something you can use.  ***Note: Though it has some amazing ideas on it, Pinterest can also have some inappropriate content, so be aware of that.***

If you need a way to download YouTube videos, I would suggest the Free Youtube Downloader.  It has worked great for me and it is free, but watch out.  It will try to download some other things at the same time, but it will ask you each time.  Just say no and you should be good to go.

Those are this week's tips.  I hope you find them helpful! 

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