Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Video Clips...

I love using video clips in Children's Church. Countdown videos are a fantastic way to get your kids to get ready for church to start. They watch the clock and when it gets to zero, they know it's time for church.  So much of our music comes in video format and that can be a blessing as well.  Though, be aware, if your kids simply "watch the video" and don't participate, perhaps those are not a good choice for you.  If I can use a video for an object lesson, that is a great way to connect the lesson with a story the kids will remember. There are a lot of videos out there.  Sometimes they come with the curriculum that you purchase and sometimes you simply have to find them yourself.  That can be time consuming, but if you know where to begin to look, it can be much easier.  So, this week, I am sharing a few places that you can go to find video clips for just about anything you might need. 

Sermon Spice – www.sermonspice.com
            This is a great place to go to find countdowns or video clips for use in your services.  The videos cost money, but sometimes there are free ones.  They will also lead you to other sites for other videos that you might be able to use.  Tip:  If you use the link provided to go to the video’s original site, often the video can be purchased cheaper than on the sermon spice site.

High Voltage Kids Ministry – www.highvoltage-kids.com
            They have countdowns, games, PowerPoint’s, and more at decent prices.

Wingclips – www.wingclips.com
            I love this site!!!  Lots of video clips…many of which are free to download.  You do have to sign up to download clips, but there is a free part that you can sign up for.

Youtube – www.youtube.com
            Most people are familiar with this site, but you can often find fun clips that you can use in services.  They often can be downloaded so that you do not have an inappropriate ad show up after the clip (as sometimes can happen).  If they can’t be downloaded, make sure whoever is running your video stops it right at the end…just in case.

Here are a few Youtube Channels that you might want to be familiar with:

  gfguys  (Go Fish Guys)  Great music for the kids

 Blimeycow   Messy Mondays is a weekly video put out by this family of three siblings and a spouse.  Has great videos that could be used with preteens or teens.  NOTE:  These videos tend to be very sarcastic, so if your preteens don't connect with sarcasm, you will probably want to shy away from these videos. 
                        BoardShorts TV Weekly funny videos that can be used for various things.  Kid Snippets are my favorites.  Check out "Salesman" and "Math Class". 

                        hillsongkids  This has some great music videos you can use from Hillsong

                 Any Kid President video is great.  Several of them make great discussion starters. He doesn’t have his own channel. It is through SoulPancake. 
PLEASE NOTE:  Not all of SoulPancake is Kid Friendly.  Kid President however, is awesome!

                     The Rizers have really fun music videos and so do Seeds Family Worship.

There are lots of fun videos out there and this list is only a very small portion, but it is a start and I hope you find it helpful.  Do you have a favorite?  I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Until next week...

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